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Elizabeth attributes much of her creativity to her mother, who worked as a music and dance instructor and studied opera. Her home was always full of art activities, ballet lessons, theatre and singing. 

At 9 years old, Elizabeth visited The Toledo Museum of Fine Arts.  She found herself standing in front of a large scale Mark Rothko painting. This enormous painting's saturated colors and feathered rectangular shapes consumed her.  After the museum visit, she went home and excitedly announced to her parents “I Want to be an artist, when I grow up” Her mother responded, in tears, “You’re already an artist” 

At the age 18, Elizabeth headed off to Boston where she spent the next four years studying painting at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts. Her painting professor and mentor, Domingo Barreres was an integral part of her development.  He helped hone her skills in oil painting and introduced new mixed media materials.  After graduating, Elizabeth stayed in Boston and made it her new home. Much like her childhood, this city was full of art and creativity.

Her first big show was a group exhibition for emerging artists at Judi Rotenberg Gallery. At age 20 she was one of the youngest artist to exhibit there. Years later, she had the honor of being selected for a 3 person show at the Mayor’s Gallery in Boston City Hall. The show was called “Three Women” It was a one month exhibition in honor of Women’s History Month. 

Elizabeth continued to emerge herself in the Boston art scene, particularly in The Fort Point Artists Community. Along the years, she was involved and exhibited her art with 319 A Street Studios, The Fort Point Artist Association, The Revolving Museum, The Distillery Studios and The Jamaica Plain Artist Association.

In 2011, Elizabeth moved from Boston to Nantucket. Again, she quickly emerged herself in the local art scene and

joined the Artist Association of Nantucket (AAN).  In 2022, she would have the honor of receiving the the annual award for Mixed Media Art from the AAN. Throughout these years, Elizabeth has donated many major works of art to The Artist Association of Nantucket for their fundraising efforts to help keep the art scene on this beautiful island thriving. You can find her work displayed at the AAN, The Four Winds Craft Guild, Sylvia Antiques and The Thomas Macy Gallery, (all located on Nantucket)

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